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#1 Secret Tip for Everyone!

Use Video Marketing to make your property, business product or service stand out.

But not any Video Technology brings the result you want! Read more...

Now you can use different video technologies on our website to help your listings get booked and rented faster.

See all options below: we have rated them so you get an idea what works best!

1. add your own video footage made with your Smartphone or Camera (youtube link). The main problem here is proper lightning. Never upload a bad video.

COLIVRS DIGITAL RECOMMENDATIONS: For successful youtube marketing and video ranking refer to our upcoming Posts. There will be special webinar training sessions in the future for this as well. Stay tuned!

2. we generate a video from your picture and add them to your list (its free) video is as good your picture are so send HQ pictures


3. add your own 360 video (provide your Matterport or other link via email) your video will be published and go live instantly


4. we shoot create and host your 360 tour and add it to your list (paid service we have to pay for the professional videographer)


5. to increase conversion we make your video for a small fee dynamic (logo of your brand or agency included) 47€/video


6. we create and provide a dynamic high compelling video for your list (you can use the video on your own website) for only 147€


7. get a pre-made video from our professional video store and use it the way you want (will be available in Q2 2021)

🔥 Sign up before we open doors and get 50% discount on our premium videos for all kinds of businesses including real estate. You will be Grandfathered in Colivrs ProperT Video Marketing for Lifetime.

Conclusion: Video Marketing is the best Marketing no matter what your want to sell or promote but doesn't need to be super expensive.

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