What are Corporate Preferred Guests & Customers?

1. Companies, Businesses and Business Travellers who have the privilege to book or rent accommodations the way they want. (We Offer Customised Setups for Teams & Leaders in their Industry). Our Temporary Housing Vision is IFTTT driven. IF your employees, developers or remote workers need This Than we make That possible. We strive to get everything you need done before you ever need it!

2. Corporate Preferred Customers and Guests have their own dedicated corporate housing manager helping them get the right accommodation at the best price without waisting time browsing the web. Your Mission is too important so don't put your business at risk and waist more time with trial and error. Is Temporary Housing what you need...We got you covered 24/7/365 days.

3. CPC&G have priority and can schedule accommodations long time in advance. They also can pre-order and extend any time exclusive contingents for team housing.

Never worry about business & work travel again...

By becoming a Corporate Preferred Customers today your company team can perform a lot better with less effort. That's what our multifunctional housing solutions & services are designed for.

Corporate Housing Solutions Luxembourg

Finally if your company or business is looking for simple reservations on a regular basis or is interested in one of our advanced corporate housing solutions above feel free to reach out to us and let's talk about how we can help you get accommodated the best way possible.

email: teamhousing@colivrs.com